Why I paint

I paint people swimming at Brockwell Lido. I love painting figures but I also love to capture the light on and beneath the water. For me light is a magical ingredient in painting. It performs emotional miracles on the brain. It gives depth and drama. When you capture light you work with darkness. You cannot have one without the other.

My paintings

I want my pictures to be full of the joy of colour, sun and cold water but I also want them to inspire and move people. My paintings often have a deep emotional resonance because the figures can seem vulnerable and lonely but also free and floating in space. They also show that ordinary life and an everyday activity like swimming can be full of mystery and poetry. It’s always just below the surface.

Lido lover

I am a keen Brockwell Lido swimmer. To swim there is blissful. It unites me with friends and with the community. It is a truly democratic and very special space that has been rescued by a dedicated few for the enjoyment of many. I hope my feelings for it come through in the work.

More about my work

These are original paintings. You won’t find prints of them. I work mainly with oil on canvas or linen and many of my paintings are on 45mm deep-edged stretchers, which means the larger pieces don’t need framing. Each painting is different. I work from photographs but I transfer the image with just my hand and my eye. I edit, improvise and adjust as I go. For me this is part of the process. Large pictures take on average six to eight weeks to complete.

    I have been selling my work to the public since 2006. I have exhibited work at Urban Art (Brixton), Lambeth Open, the Affordable Art Fair (Battersea), the Pond Gallery (Clapham), Dulwich Open House Festival, the JAGS Art Fair (Dulwich), and Studio 73 (Brixton village).

    I also work on commission and can offer a bespoke service if you want to fill a particular space.

See my work

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Get in touch

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Welcome to my site


Only one or two of my paintings are available to buy at any time. This reflects the time they take to paint and the fact that they tend to sell quickly (I also work largely on commission, which leaves less time to do other work!). Right now, as well as commissions, I’m putting together some work for upcoming events. See you there:

Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House
12-13 May 2018

Urban Art Brixton
14-15 July 2018

These watercolour and coloured-pencil paper collages are inspired by swimmers at Brockwell Lido – you can buy them from Studio 73 in Brixton village. (Click the pic for more.)

‘The Regular’, one of my small, framed paintings, was recently preselected for the Royal Society of British Artists’ 2018  Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries (Click the pic for more.)