Priscilla Watkins




Paper pools

The paper pools emerged from my wanting to use other media besides oil and from experiments in trying to create 'the pattern' – that lattice of light on the bottom of an outdoor swimming pool or Lido – without always having to work from a photo. By crinkling up the paper and using this as a key I could create 'the pattern' from scratch with no reference. The crinkles give me the crucial ingredient of 'random' which is what makes it look real. Afterwards came the figures, often based on swimmers I have observed at the lido or on famous Hollywood couples. When I set out to create a figure I don't know who is going to emerge onto the paper, they unfold as I go, so it helps to have a story in my mind during this process. Available currently from Studio 73 in Brixton village, £100 unframed £200 framed.

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