Priscilla Watkins

I also work on commission. This may appeal to clients or collectors with a particular space to fill or who would like to portray family members. It's easy to negotiate. I can work from an image supplied by you as long as I can see a painting in it.

Sequence, the triptych of paintings at the top of this page and Torredembarra, right, were all painted from images taken by clients on their iphones. Or you can choose an image from the vast library of existing photographs that I hold on file.

July 2021: There is currently a waiting list of 18-24 months on commissions.

Work for sale

A gallery of work currently for sale. Relative sizes to one another are approximate. Full measurements given. Click to zoom.


Oil on wood panel. Framed (white wood) 56cm

x 56cm x 5.5cm (image 50cm x 50cm). Sold

Marine Boy

Oil on deep-edged stretched linen. Framed (black wood) 32.5cm x 32.5cm x 4.5cm. Sold


Oil on stretched canvas. Framed (white laquered wood) 37cm x 32cm x 3cm (image 30.5cm x 25.5cm). Sold  

My Heart Is In This Place

Oil on card. Framed (black wood) 37.3cm x 37.3cm x 3.2cm (image 29cm x 29cm). Sold

The Regular

Oil on deep-edged stretched canvas. Framed (white laquered wood) 48cm x 48cm x 5.5cm (image 40cm x 40cm). Sold

Waterslide I and II

Oil on cut canvas. 42cm x 32cm (image 29cm x 19.5cm). Box frames. £50 each, £90 the pair


Oil on linen-covered card. Framed 34.5cm x 29.5cm (image 23cm x 28cm). Sold

A Certain Gung-Ho Attitude

Oil on canvas-covered board. Framed (gorgoues vintage white wood) 74cm x 58.5cm x 3.5cm (image 61cm x 45.6cm). Sold.

The Cormorant's Eye

Oil on deep-edged stretched linen. 82cm x 66cm x 5.5cm (image 77cm x 60.5cm. Left: detail). Sold (was £1495)

About me

Work for sale

Paper works

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Paul Smith sell art off their walls, particulary their flagship store in Albermarle St, London, W1. My paper pools and prints have been regular features.

See my work

Paper works

Lino prints, paper pools and abstract collages.

About me

I PAINT PEOPLE SWIMMING. I love to paint the figure but I also love to capture the light on and beneath the water – the pattern on the bottom of the pool, the shadows, the rainbow light interrupted by the human presence. For me light is a magical ingredient in painting, particularly oil painting. Light gives depth and drama because when you capture light you also deal in darkness. You cannot have one without the other.

MORE THAN JUST SWIMMING I want my pictures to be full of the joy of colour, sun and cold water. I also want to inspire and move. My figures can seem vulnerable and lonely but also free and floating in space. This gives them emotional resonance.  

MIXED MEDIA I work across several types of media and I like to be always experimenting. You will find lino prints, mixed media collages and abstact work on my site. All linked by the theme of light and water.

LIDO LOVER I am a regular Brockwell Lido swimmer and have recently been converted to the joys of winterswimming.

New work is coming...

Gone Swimming: limited edition lino prints

L-R: Tan/blue 56cm x 45cm (image 28.5cm x 20.5cm) (white-painted frame), pale/turquoise 56cm x 45cm (waxed-wood frame).

Sustainable uppcycled frames. Other versions, clockwise top left 1-6. Individual prints vary. Framed £55 plus p&p. Unframed £35 plus p&p.


Small limited edition lino prints

L-R: In At The Deep End Turquoise, In At The Deep End Indigo, Lemon Hat, S Is For Swimming (last one). For more prints, see 'Gallery wall'.

Framed prints 25.5cm x 25.5cm. £20 plus p&p

Sea-themed limited edition lino prints

L-R: Seascape ochre 33cm x 24.5cm x 3.5cm framed £35 plus p&p Seascape blue unframed £25 plus p&p  A very limited edition print run. They give a lovely restful moment when grouped with other work. Also Gentle Giant (image size 27.5cm x 19cm). Unframed £35 plus p&p

Paper pools

Mixed media paper collage.

Gallery wall

More work for sale. A mixture. Some frames are new, some upcycled. Prices exclude postage and packing.

Pose series paper pools

Lido Painted paper/card collage. 43.5cm x 43.5cm (image 40cm x 40cm). White-painted wooden box frame. £150


Early May. Now virtual

for 2021, this well-attended local event is a great opportunity to meet me and see my work. Check out the website here.


Contact me           Email          Twitter          Instagram

Sequence Oil on wood panel. 50cm x 50cm commission. Sold

Oops Upside Your Head Sold



Paper pools

Gallery Wall

Tropical Swimmer Paper pool. Unframed

mount 50cm x 40cm (image 44cm x 30cm, uneven paper shape). Sold


The ever-popular paper pools are a combination of painting, drawing and collage. Unlike my oil paintings  these figures are fictional and come from inside my head. It can be anything: a vintage photo, a movie clip, a TV show, an instagram account, sport, art, history or book that sets me off. I have thrown everyone from tennis players to Victorian novelists into the pool. You never know who's swimming. Recently I have included wild and sea swimmers into my paper world and had fun experimenting with more complex backgrounds.

Torredembarra Oil on wood panel. 90cm x 60cm. Sold

Miss Blanca 82cm x 59cm (image 76cm x 51.5cm) Set in a stunning gallery-made white box frame £495  These ladies really look amazing!

Miss Angel 70cm x 55cm (image 57cm x 40cm) Set in a stunning gallery-made white box frame £395

Miss Electra 70cm x 55cm (image 57cm x 40cm) Set in a stunning gallery-made white box frame £395

Miss Lulu 70cm x 55cm (image 57cm x 40cm) Sold

Pray Tell 54cm x 43.5cm (image 37cm x 26cm)

Unframed £200. White-painted wooden box frame £295

Wild Swimmer I Image 34cm x 32cm* Grey box frame 47cm x 41cm £295

Sea Swimmer 1 Image 34cm x 32cm* Grey box frame 47cm x 41cm £295

Sea Swimmer II Image 34cm x 32cm* Grey box frame 47cm x 41cm £295

Wild Swimmer II Sold

* This is a rough image size as the paper is an uneven shape.

Winter Swimmer

Painted paper collage. 42cm x 32cm (image 28cm x 19.5cm) Box frame. £65


Painted paper collage. 44.5cm x 32cm. Handmade black box frame with non-reflective glass. £200

Wild Swimmer (blue)

Limited edition lino print. 47.5cm x 47.5cm (image 27.3cm x 27.3cm). Wooden box frame. Sold (Unframed prints like this are still available)

Pool (small) Oil on card. 25.5cm x 25.5cm x 4.5cm (image 18cm x18cm). Box frame. Sold

Gone Swimming (turquoise)  

Limited edition lino print.

50cm x 42cm (image 28.5cm x20.5cm). Sold (Unframed prints just like this are still available)

In At The Deep End (turquoise)

Limited edition lino print. 25.5cm x 25.5cm. Metal frame. £20

Wild Swimmer (ochre)

Limited edition lino print. 53cm x 53cm (image 27.3cm x 27.3cm) White-painted box frame. £75

New work is coming..

Viva 112cm x 86cm. White-painted wooden box frame. Sold

Viva is a giant pool inspired by one of Andy Warhol's Superstars. It has a great Pop Art feel and impact.

Paper pools come in all shapes and sizes and can be real wall fillers, like this one. The surface detail on these large pieces is fascinating and all part of the charm.

Wild Swimming: limited edition lino prints

Above: Wild Swimming green 55cm x 55cm (white-painted wooden frame) (image 27.3cm x 27.3cm). Sustainable upcycled frame. More on 'Gallery wall' below. Other versions, clockwise top left 1-4 and 5-8. Individual prints vary. Framed £75 plus p&p. Unframed £55 plus p&p.


The Red Hat

Limited edition lino print. 25.5cm x 25.5cm. Metal frame. £20

Gone Swimming (light blue)  

Limited edition lino print. 40cm x 32cm (image 28.5cm x20.5cm). Framed. £55

A note on prices

Prices for oils currently range from £150 for small pieces to over £3000 for the very large paintings.

Need a gift? I can create a special paper pool just for you. Contact me via email for more.

Tidalpool Swimmer - The Red Suit image 37.5cm x 37.5cm White-painted wooden box frame 40cm x 40cm £295

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18/7/21 You will not find any oil paintings for sale at the moment. I am sold out! Because I have been working largely on commission for the last year, I have nothing to replace them with. However, I am working hard to refresh this page and new work should appear in the next few months. Good work takes time! Paper pools are still available, and that section will be refreshed shortly with new work. Contact me directly if you'd like to see these in advance or check my social media to see what I am working on in the studio.


The Brixton Art Space now located in the arches on Valentia Place, also occassionally handle my work and host events. Follow them on instagram @studio73art and on Twitter @studio73brixton

New work is coming...

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