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About me

I PAINT PEOPLE SWIMMING. I love to paint the figure but I also love to capture the light on and beneath the water – the pattern on the bottom of the pool, the shadows, the rainbow light interrupted by the human presence. For me light is a magical ingredient in painting, particularly oil painting. Light gives depth and drama because when you capture light you also deal in darkness. You cannot have one without the other.

MORE THAN JUST SWIMMING I want my pictures to be full of the joy of colour, sun and cold water. I also want to inspire and move. My figures can seem vulnerable and lonely but also free and floating in space. This gives them emotional resonance.  

MIXED MEDIA I work across several types of media and I like to be always experimenting. You will find oil paintings, lino prints, and mixed-media paper collages on this site.

LIDO LOVER I am a regular Brockwell Lido swimmer throughout the year.

Sequence Oil on wood panel. Each one is 50cm x 50cm. Commission now sold

Oops Upside Your Head Sold




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